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Tanning Solution

Here at Black Magic Tan we can provide you with everything you require for spray tanning with set up spray tan kits, and spray tanning machines along with the very best tanning solution.

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Black Magic Tan is proud to offer an excellent range of spray tanning equipment designed for a variety of business settings and budgets and backed with a 12 month warranty.

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The Fitzpatrick Scale and DHA Levels

The Fitzpatrick Scale and DHA Levels

The Fitzpatrick Scale is based on 6 skin types and relates to a skins susceptibility to the sun.

How Tanning Works

DHA is the active ingredient that creates the tan. The skin is comprised of two main layers the epidermis on the outside and the dermis on the inside. The epidermis has layers, the deepest layer is called the stratum basale and the outer most layer is called the stratum corneum. It is the dead skin cells located in the stratum corneum that change colour with the application of a spray tan.
How Tanning Works