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This is an important message if you have porcelain skin and wanting the best possible skin tone when getting a spray tan.

There is a common belief that regardless of skin type if you use a darker tanning solution you will always get a darker spray tan. Sadly there is not the case.

Tanning law is the lighter the skin the lower the percentage of DHA to be used.

Each tanning solution within a range has a percentage of DHA designed to give the best possible depth of colour and tone to the skin to suit different skin types.

Development times are also important because leaving it longer can lead to over development causing the tan to over tone!

When using a tanning solution for the first time it is best to use the recommended development time. If you want to gain a little more colour you can push out the development time a little longer the next time, less is always best.

The truth is fair clients can have a beautiful tan that previously was unattainable if “sun baking” but they will not achieve the same depth and darkness of those with olive skin, unless you are using a competition tan. 

The key points to remember are:

To achieve the optimum depth and tone of colour there is a simple rule which should always be applied.

“The lighter the skin the lower the percentage of DHA to be used”

A lower percentage of DHA on very fair skin means your tan can develop into the best possible depth of colour without turning orange.

If you use a higher percentage of DHA in the belief you will be getting a darker tan sadly you will undoubtedly overtone.

“The bronzers are not the tan so don’t be fooled when looking at images, the tan is developing underneath and that’s the result you want to be concerned with.”