Black Magic Tan Testimonials

"Best tanning product hands down! Have been in the industry over 12 years and after all the products I’ve tried this is number 1! Every one of my customers is happier than the one before! Another bonus is having wonderful customer service from Baz and Rachael! Thank you guys."
Kay Tee
"For 9 years i've been using BM, hands down the most consistent in colour, odorless fast drying solutions on the market. It's made here in Australia ❤ that!Team BM are so knowledge, friendly and are always there to help you grow your business. I highly recommend BM to anyone looking for the best solutions in the market."
Rachelle Murphy
"Absolutely fantastic company with excellent customer service and the products are amazing !!"
Melinda Cleary
"This product provides a flawless bronzed tan and applies nicely from the tanning machine.My clients are consistently satisfied and so am I as a business owner in a competitive market!"
Yvelise Miller
"Great customer service and great products. I’ve been using Black Magic for a few years now and it’s always a 100% reliable outcome for my clients. Highly recommend Black Magic !!"
Kellie Piening
"Not only the best product we have ever used but customer service second to none. The Black Magic team has helped me as I’ve built a thriving Spray Tan company, always there to advise & offer assistance . My clients love Black Magic Tan & so do we."
Lea Devereux & team,
Epsom Spray Tan
"Best tanning products on the market. The range is spot on and the product is so consistent never had a bad batch. I’ve been a happy customer for 6+ years now!!!"
Monica Dky
"I have known the Black Magic team now for 12 years and used their products since. I would never go anywhere else, the products are amazing the service is out of this world and I love that is Australian Made & Owned, Vegan and my clients love it too."
Tanya Davis
"The only solution that doesn't cause my eczema to react, all of my clients love the light feel BM has, how fast it dries and how natural it looks even with the darkest colour!"
Meaghan Hill