DHA is the active ingredient that creates the tan. The skin is comprised of two main layers the epidermis on the outside and the dermis on the inside. The epidermis has layers, the deepest layer is called the stratum basale

The Fitzpatrick Scale is based on 6 skin types and relates to a skins susceptibility to the sun. It is also a great tool for determining what percentage of DHA would be best to avoid over development. When used in conjunction

DON’T BUY INTO THE MYTHS Many of you would have seen those awful orange tans and asked yourself why? How does this happen and what is the cause. 1. Too much tanning solution has been applied to the skin You should only be

Black Magic Tan has created a range of solutions to suit every skin type and deliver a different touch, feel and tone on the skin. To obtain the best result for your clients tan you should take into consideration which category

Understanding about skin tone is important for all cosmetic purposes and tanning is no exception. The skin’s undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral hue that shows through the surface colour of skin. Although the surface colour of skin changes depending

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the best natural source of vitamin D. However, too much UV exposure from the sun and other sources, such as solariums , are the major cause of sunburn, premature ageing, eye damage and skin damage

Author: Danielle Whalley, Beaudee Salon Sydney Brows on point 24/7 Beautiful eyebrows define the face and show your eyes off to their best advantage. If your brows are looking a little worse for wear, don’t despair, there is a solution! The image opposite

This is an important message if you have porcelain skin and wanting the best possible skin tone when getting a spray tan. There is a common belief that regardless of skin type if you use a darker tanning solution you will always