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Deluxe Tan

Offer clients Deluxe Spray Tan using our Tan Prep re-balancing primer in conjunction with Tan Lock for the ultimate finishing treatment. 
Having skin at optimum levels provides Tanning Technicians with the best possible condition to create a flawless application and make the tan last longer.

Tan Prep body primer is designed to re-balance the pH levels of the skin, lock in moisture and minimise pores.

Tan Lock hydrates and moisturises the skin, locks in colour while resisting moisture. It also serves to minimise any smudging of your new Black Magic Tan during development time making it a "must have" addition when tanning.

No More Orange!


Many of you would have seen those awful orange tans and asked yourself why? How does this happen and what is the cause.

1. Too much tanning solution has been applied to the skin

You should only be using approximately 50mls per tan day more than this is simply wasted and often results in over development as too much solution has been sprayed onto the skin

2. The product has been left longer on the skin than the recommended time frames.

Whilst there are people who can get away with leaving a tn on the skin longer than the recommended time frame there are a lot who cannot which leads to over development.

3 The DHA level is too high for the client’s skin type.

There is a common misconception that regardless of skin type anyone can obtain that beautiful dark bronzed skin we all seek. Unfortunately this is not true! Using too high a level of DHA on a very fair person will almost guarantee they turn orange. However if you use the correct level of DHA they will achieve a superior result.

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