Competition Tanning Guide

Waxing or shaving should be undertaken before your spray tan to ensure skin is not inflamed and pores are closed.

Male Competitors:
Waxing: 72 hours prior to your tan
Shaving: 48 hours prior to your tan

Female Competitors:
Waxing: 24 - 48 hours prior to your tan
Shaving: 12 - 24 hours prior to your tan

Exfoliate your skin the day before

Exfoliating is an important step in the preparation process. It is recommended you get into the practice of exfoliating your skin once a week leading up to the competition.

Competition Tan

Your tanning technician will apply Muscle Tan, Bikini Tan or Base Tan depending on the level of darkness required.

Tan lock is applied over your competition tan to lock in colour, resist moisture and avoid any smudging of your tan during development time.

Black Magic Tan Prep is applied directly to the skin before your base tan. Prep a body primer designed to rebalance the pH levels of the skin, lock in moisture, and minimises pores.

Competition Day

On Day 2 of your competition tanning process you have two options depending on your category and personal schedule.

The next morning do not rinse your base tan. Apply additional coats, dry well between coats then apply Black Magic Tan Lock.

The next morning you can lightly rinse your body under a tepid shower for 30 seconds, and pat dry. You are now ready for additional coats to be added. Dry well between coats then apply Black Magic Tan Lock.

The face is never tanned as dark as the rest of the body and should retain a normal tanned appearance in—line with judging criteria

Important notes
Your Black Magic Muscle or Bikini Tan requires no other product to be stage ready.

If shine is required apply Muscle Glaze to the required areas and pat onto skin.

Do not exercise, swim, take a shower, shampoo your hair, enter a sauna or immerse yourself in a pool until after the competition is over.

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