Black Magic 8 Hour Sampler Pack


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2 x 120ml – Sample Pack

Black Magic Premium and Midnight Magic

Our full range of Black Magic spray tanning solutions includes a selection of specially designed 8 hour spray tan solutions. For those customers who want the darkest, deepest tan possible, choose one of our 8 hour solutions to guarantee they achieve the level of tan they desire. All of our solutions are fast drying and non sticky and are designed to give your clients a smooth all over natural looking tan. Because our products are odourless, your clients will be happy to leave your salon or spa without the smell that accompanies other spray tans. Our solutions are safe to use on all skin types and can be customised according to the desires of the client. Because our products are made from the highest quality materials, your clients are guaranteed to be pleased with every tan they receive. Our sampler packs were created to enable clients the opportunity to experience the colour feel and flawless nature of each range, not for ongoing use.


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