HVLP Gun Wash


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HVLP Gun Wash

One Litre of HVLP Gun Wash not only cleans your gun free from DHA Build Up and Colour Residue, it also helps maintain gun lubrication.

HVLP GUN WASH is designed to help flush and clean when swapping over from other brands or different formulas.

Directions For Use

Pour 50 mls into a clean pot, turn your gun up to high and spray through contents into a sink until finished.

It may take a couple of attempts to clean thoroughly the first time, however cleaning on a regular basis will benefit your equipment.

“The gun wash is incredible. I had been washing my guns with hot water religiously. While it worked eventually I would reach a point where build up from high percentage DHA solutions would start to build up and my gun would spray intermittently. At this stage I would start using a new gun and move on.
I got the gun wash ┬ásolution and find it fantastic – I have since not had a problem with blockages and my ‘shelved’ guns have since been resurrected as well. ”

Thank you so much.

Lauren Lunjevick


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