Instense Bronzer Olive – Intansify


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Instense Bronzer Olive – Intansify

Get more from your spray tan with our Intansify Olive drops, simply add a few drops into your spray tan for a more intense tanning experience.  Customise colours to suit clients needs, bronzers play a big part in the spray tan.  Achieve a level of darkness like never before. Tanning has just become more exciting for the everyday tanner who can now create their own colours.

Olive Instansify drops work great with both Brown and Green base solutions.

Get some colour in your life with Instansify.


Add 10 drops per 100ml or experiment to achieve desired colour results.

Key Points:

  • More intense colour
  • Customise your tans
  • Deeper darker tans
  • Add to moisturisers
  • Create Special Blends


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