The M series gun


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The M series gun is a reliable, quality spray gun for the serious tanning technician. With a fully adjustable fan (spray pattern) ranging from an 8 inch pattern to a pencil spray of 1/8” in delivers a flawless tan. Able to be paired with the 700 machine and 550 quick release hose this hybrid system offers the very best spray gun at a very affordable price. Upgrade today!

•    All stainless steel, replaceable parts
•    Delivers beautiful fine mist
•    Perfect for detailed work
•    Gun is non bleed (airflow) no air released unless trigger pulled.
•    Spray gun features a 2 Phase trigger:
•    Stage 1; Air Only,
•    Stage 2. Solution Released
•    Compatible with any 3/4inch quick release


Twelve Months Warranty


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