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As a brand one of the most common things we hear from clients is that they slept in a particular tan even though the advised rinse time was just a couple of hours!

Then others, sprayed in the very same product, can only leave it for an hour or two max!

We all know adjusting the level of DHA in tanning solutions allows us to create different tones and depth of colour.

So what’s the cause of this? Shouldn’t you be able to make it the same for everybody.?

That would be amazing, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

There are a three main considerations, how fair the skin, the underlying skin tone and skin condition.

Whether your clients skin burns a little, a lot ,or not at all, determines how high a percentage of DHA should be used and how long it should be left on the skin.

I am sure the most frequent request you hear from clients is “I want to be dark” or I want to go darker!

A client with very fair skin will achieve a deeper, richer result using a lower percentage of DHA and following the recommended times.

Leaving it longer can lead to over development causing the tone of the tan to go that dreaded orange!

In contrast someone whose skin sometimes turns brown in the sun can usually always take a higher percentage of DHA and longer development time.

The truth is fair clients can still attain a beautiful tan but they will not achieve the same depth and darkness of those with olive skin.

Skin Condition also plays a significant role. The pH balance of the skin is ideally sitting in the neutral zone as this provides the best possible conditions for your tan.