Start A Spray Tan Business


Are you the next Spray Tanning Queen or King

Time to be your own boss or you simply want to add more income to your beauty business spray tanning has a lot to offer, meet great new clients, amazing returns for a job that takes 10 minutes and under to complete.

Black Magic Tan have provided the keys to success for many spray tanners, and can offer a full turn key tanning package to get you on your spray tanning journey. Getting it right from the beginning will ensure you have success, choosing the incorrect equipment or inferior products can be really detrimental to your tanning experience.

Why choose Black Magic Tan?

We have been helping people start their tanning business since 2006, and still work with spray tanners who have enjoyed years of spray tanning success. Our products are all made right here in Sydney Australia and we can boost to having something for everyone. Equipment is what else we get right, we have manufactured our own equipment, and sourced other items that we are very confident will ensure your success.

Getting Started, what is the first thing you need to do, to make sure you are going to be able to hit the ground running, first thing is training, we have set up talented spray tanners around Australia who can offer you spray tan training which is one on one, you will learn the correct procedures and key hints and tips from the best in the business. To see a list of our spray tan trainers click here Black Magic Tan Trainers

Please note that you will pay the trainer directly please contact them about their pricing.

Equipment – Picking the right gear to get you started is paramount, we have a great range of spray tanning kits available here Spray Tan Kits 

Things to consider when purchasing a kit include getting a reliable spray tan machine with extra reliable spray tanning gun, our new iTan Pro is the latest offering from Black Magic Tan, it comes with 3 great choices of tanning guns, all work amazingly well, the starting point for many spray tanners is the Deluxe Gun which we have been selling for over Ten years, unique because its completely repairable unlike the many spray guns that you encounter from China that if something goes wrong they end up being thrown away, once your warranty is up its bad luck and you end up needing to buy a new spray gun. We guarantee that wont happen with the Deluxe Spray Gun. We carry a range of complete spare parts for our spray guns.


  1. Spray Tanning Machine
  2. Extraction Unit – Portable  (washable filters)
  3. Tent 
  4. Solutions for variety of skin types
  5. Retail Products – Up sell to clients
  6. Insurance
  7. Business Name