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Help your brides take a planned approach to the wedding party tans and avoid a disaster on the day that could impact on everything including your reputation!!
Weddings are a magical time but they can also bring with them a lot of stress as the date gets closer, and closer, so make sure you understand, what your bride needs, long before the big day.

Understand the brides needs

It’s the tanning technicians role to make sure the tan has the right tone for the bride and her wedding party.

Wherever possible make a time with the bride at least 3 months or more before her wedding day. Never do a tan for a wedding without a trial.

During this meeting you need to discuss her needs, identify how many are in the bridal party, what look she is wanting to achieve on the day and her makeup schedule. The schedule is important as you need to make sure that there are no conflicts with makeup artists, waxing or IPL treatments.

Make sure you organise trial tans to check the right tone is achieved. Using events leading up to the big day like the wedding shower and the hens night provide the perfect opportunity.

Ask for a photograph after each event so you can see how the tan looks on everyones skin, one, two, or even three days after and discuss with the bride. Then you can be sure the final date for the tan produces the desired result.

Check the colour scheme for the wedding as well, is the brides dress a stark white? or is it a soft gold? so she can check the right skin tone against the dress.